I make useless stuff and it works.

About Me

There's nothing really particular interesting about me.

I am a hobbyist coder and I also design for projects that I found interesting or for my own. I usually do most of the Open Source work on my free time.

Currently, I'm working on some projects, some of them are listed below, however, I'm keeping some things under wraps, which involves streaming, and the like. Stay tuned for that!


Live2D Avatar Showcase (Placeholder for now!)


A saucenao API wrapper I created from scratch, born from one of my earlier projects.


An open-source and purely-automated unofficial API for Azur Lane.


An open source toolkit for virtual streamers using osu!framework.

Live Simulator 2

A clone of Love Live: School Idol Festival. Contributed UI assets.

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PO Box: 0111 Gulod Itaas, Batangas City, Philippines 4200